Monday, March 02, 2009

February's Health Update!

I was starting to fear. I'd been very faithful and not lost a thing by last Sunday...however I lost 2.4 lbs this I'm still on track. I am hoping that my body got the clue that I'm eating and working out and it's o.k. to turn loose of some fat? Let me tell you it's HARD to be committed when you see no results...but I remembered the brain change. ::snort::

Phase 3 this month. I have one more week of Phase 3. This was titled "make food boring" and I was VERY skeptical because I'm interested in food and nutrition (which is part of the brain change). I discovered what she meant is to consider food fuel. To learn to use it for what it is and make your choices based on what your body NEEDS and not what would TASTE best right now. This phase consisted of:

  • Eating 1200 - 1500 calories a day - spaced over 5 meals (200 - 400 cal each)
  • 4 consecutive cardio work outs each week; 1 Interval cardio session
  • 2 30 min stability ball/strength work outs
  • Eating clean; learning about nutrition
  • journaling food and workouts
  • learning what a 300 cal meal looks like
  • focusing on water (50% of your current weight - that's a WHOLE lotta water)

I did well on all but the stability ball workouts - only 3 workouts - 50% participation - I can do better.

I completed 20 cardio workouts - most with interval training. The program calls for 30 min and I do 60 min....with Intervals and Super Intervals - so 110% participation. Yay me! ::snort::

We bought an accurate scale. It also does body composition stuff - which I ignored in Jan...but Mike showed me how to use it. I lost 4% of fat this month....that puts me about 2 - 3% away for the top of "healthy".

I lost 2.4 lbs. That puts me at 6 lbs this year - which is right on goal. I am happy with 2.4 lbs because I usually gain 5 - 7 lbs by the end of all the birthdays. ::snort::

I lost another 5 inches. That makes 16 inches in 2009. This and the fat percentage loss makes me happier than the number on the scale, truly.

I'm into a smaller size pant...still not my skinny jeans but not my "are you pregnant jeans" either? ::snort::

In March I have one more week in Phase 3. I may stay here longer. I'll have to read Phase 4 and see if I'm ready to move on. I'll continue the cardio workouts....and make sure I get 2 strength workouts in a week - I know it ups to 3x a week in Phase 4. ::snort:: I'll continue counting calories (which my spreadsheet does) rather than points. I'll continue to SHOW UP AND EAT and be SURE I get the min amount of calories a day. Continue the clean food - you know...all the stuff I always do anyway.

I still can't get the site that digitally cuts weight off your photo to work for me. The phases I mention are from the book Never Say Diet by Chantel Hobbs (buy a book cover and ignore her pose ::snort::).

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.


Cynthia said...

YEA! I really enjoyed reading her book. Can't wait to restart phase 1 when I get home.

Cynthia said...
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Cynthia said...
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Cynthia said...

That was me who deleted 2 comments... weird.. it posted the same thing 3x

berrypatch said...

I am going to have to get me a copy. It sounds like just what a need.