Monday, March 02, 2009

Magnificient Monday

Jared and I went to the gym.

In school we experimented with a broom to see what it would feel like to have the long neck of a plesiousaurs.




Nolan had speech. I struggled not to fall asleep in the library. ::snort::

We mailed ALL the giveaway books and 3 PBS books.

We played.

I printed out some lapbook materials that go along with our Apologia: Zoology 2. Zander (7) LOVES this book...go figure. I would think it is WAY over his head. We are not doing well in creating an Ocean Box and the kids' voted to do lapbooks instead.

I thought about going through the house to get rid of things before the move....every cupboard, closet, drawer, storage space will be sorted through and organized before the packers arrive....

We received a package from the girls! YES! Circuit City was going out of business there in WA and so Krista picked up two GPS units for Mike and Cy. The girls also sent cards, candy from Spokandy and my favorite-all-time-candy which you can only buy once a year.



They sent Jamin a floor plan of their apartment...yikes...they are all moving out.


Arielle struggled with a strangely wrapped bottle.


Brothers are SO useful.


It was Irish Cream Syrup.

We finished watching Super Size Me while we laminated and cut out all the ornaments for our Easter Tree.


We rented Super Size Me from Netlfix. It's GROSS and not wonderful for young kids...but really an eye-opener. Thanks, Sarah, for the recommendation. We decided NOT to eat out tonight. I am wondering about the summer move etc...always involves a lot of eating out. ::snort:: It's truly amazing that in one month this man went from low everything to high everything and had gained 25 lbs. It seemed obvious that he had a "point" to make and so the documentary is a bit slanted.....really NO one would eat 3 meals a day at McDonald's for a month...and most would NOT say yes to Super size even if they were full....and you CAN pick healthier things than the Big Mac over and over...and 1/2 a pound of fries...but the points were well made. LOL

Now....we'll get ready to go get Mike in 1/2 an hour.

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.


Romany said...

I don't know what happened in the US as a result of this film, but here in the UK McD's completely changed its menu. Beautiful salads, wholegrain rolls, fruit etc suddlenly became available within weeks of it appearing on national tv.
Mmmmm....I'm lovin' it!

berrypatch said...

De'Etta - we saw it too. I think it was months before I took the kids to McDonald's again but we do eat there on occasion. I agree that it was definitely slanted but good points were made.

Wild Homeschool Family said...

Looks like you're having a fun science year!

Kristine said...

This was a great movie, but too adult for my kids to watch. There was a similar book (although I don't think it was by THIS author) that also had a children's version--excellent. I need to track it down for Trevor to read!