Saturday, March 21, 2009

Frazzled Friday

What an oversight. Not a thought penned on Friday.

Jamin ran and picked up produce for me.

I was at the realtor. Oy vey! Deep day at a time and it will all get done. We are SERIOUSLY considering paying a painter to come in and paint. It will save us much time. We have to get a new yard up and going. They agree that our home will sell better when it doesn't have a large family in it....and would you believe the home is 400 sq ft bigger than I thought? That means we are looking at moving to a place 1/2 of our current size. NOW - we did have a net loss of 3 family members while living here....but still.

Yolanda did a fun stamping class for PWOC Friday night. We made bookmarks and a card.

Arielle and I continued to attack the photos. We're up to 1984 and our wedding now.

We're trying to figure out HOW to get rid of all the stuff around here.... a sale, online sale, what? I had thought to make use of the annual homeschool sale but we have to be out of our home by the time the sale comes around.....

One way or another we'll be moving in approx 10 weeks. Surely this fact will motivate authorities to help me fill out forms next week? ::snort:: The Inspection will be OVER in 16 days...and then Mike will work magic with the out processing lists and forms....the secret is that I'm muddling along until the pros can take it over. ::snort::

Choosing Joy!
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Deja said...

I'm taking deep breaths right along with you. Don't hesitate to ask your friends for help so you can get everything done in the next 10 weeks! You're our first friends to move to Japan (and hopefully our only), so my kiddos want to make sure they get enough time with yours ;-)

Michelle said...

De'Etta, if you're looking to unload quickly what about a local auction? We've donated LOTS of books to the local library when trying to lighten our load to make our weight allowance.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

The boys are sure we can pull off a garage sale this weekend...I'm not so sure....we'll decide today.

Whatever doesn't go will be given some venue. LOL Good ideas.

Wild Homeschool Family said...

I think a yard sale and then everything left goes straight to goodwill (or other) right away may be your best bet for fast. Then it will be one more thing crossed off your list.

Linda said...

10 weeks? Yikes, DeEtta! I have nothing encouraging to say because I'm overwhelmed just reading all you have to do. Praying for you!

Stephanie said...

hmmm...I am on the search for young age picture books (non-fiction is good too) if you have any of thsoe :) New homeschoolers like myself are very interested in the things you are "unloading"!! lol

Cynthia said...

10 weeks... I don't even know how you could think about continuing a normal school schedule with all the kids.. .high schoolers yes because they can do most on their own, but I would have already given up on the rest other than maybe the basics of math and language (LOL).