Saturday, March 21, 2009

"From the Toilet"

Can you think of a phrase that would strike more terror into a mother's heart?

Stacia brought Mike and I coffee. It's "good coffee". She had wanted to get good water and we turned her away from the filter. We were in the midst of a "serious" discussion when she showed up with two cups of coffee for us.

I drank. Ugh.

"Stacia, where did you get the water for this yummy coffee?" I said it with a smile and a lilt in my voice.

She looked away from Mike, leaned towards me and whispered, "From the toilet!" ::snort::

Mike hadn't DRANK any. I had.

Y'all I did not react bad. Mike went and washed his face and rinsed.....I was raised on the mission field. ::snort:: I sure wish I'd had the camera...for Stacia's whispered confession and for Mike's priceless face.

Stacia's been having a tough few is "out of kilter"...first Dad Earl was ill and we were worried. Then Mike was gone and she was worried. Then we are all moving.....and she doesn't quite get it but obviously knows something is up...and she's been I didn't react.....and I was glad to hug her and tell her we should wash her cups and get some good water after all. ::snort::

Choosing Joy!
©2009 D.R.G.


Anonymous said...

ROFLOL! Classic D, Classic!

Debbie said...

Oh, my, oh, my! You are one super momma right now for not reacting to that little bit of news! Just priceless!

Renee said...

Our toilet water here in AL is probably cleaner/better than the water we had in Korea. It's the one and only place we've ever lived that I bought and drank bottled water.

Wild Homeschool Family said...

You did so well not to FREAK!

berrypatch said...

ROFL!!! That was priceless. I love coming to see what Stacia & Zander have been up to lately. Thanks for the laugh. ;-)

Cynthia said...


Anonymous said...


FUNNY! FUNNY! FUNNY! Hope the thing had been flushed. :):):) What a kick!

Maybe Stacia is going to give you some unique experiences. THEN add what she and Alexander think up and .... what fun you are all going to have. :):):)

How funny!! l/p Mom T