Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random Misawa Trivia - Milk


Remember my joy at Albertson's 10/$10 sale on milk? Here's a few random facts on milk in Japan.

Kim reports from Tokyo
  • milk on the economy in Tokyo sells for $1.50 - $2.00 per liter (quart)...
  • $6 - $8 per gal

Renee reports from the Misawa Commissary

  • milk is not sold by the gal.
  • it is ultra-pasteurized (ugh)
  • $2.05+ for 1/2 a gal.
  • $4.10+ per gal

De'Etta's Conclusions

  • This is one instance where the commissary is a real blessing.
  • This takes me further from my goal of certified raw or raw/pasteurized milk.
  • We drink 2 gal a day around here....though we are down to about 1 1/2 gals....
  • This will be $43 - $57.40 per week at the current rate of consumption....look for changes...but viva la COLA (Cost of Living Allowance).

Another example of the sort of current and insightful reporting you've come to expect on this blog. ::snort::

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Renee said...

Drats, my comment disappeared.

We also had the ultra-pasteurized milk in Korea - you get used to the taste pretty quickly. It's certainly better than shelf stable or powdered milk. And yep the biggest size is half gallon. It means you'll go to the commissary much more often than once a week - which is a plus about living on post near to shopping. It was no fun living with one fridge but we make adjustments and I know you'll figure it out as well.

Kim said...

That cartoon is TOO funnY!!!

Anonymous said...

I like to buy raw milk whenever possible. The hour and a half ride is difficult during the months when we home school. Two of my boys refuse to drink raw milk. lol They are so grossed out by it that they won't drink it. Someone told me not to buy anything but raw milk and don't buy "regular" milk at all. So I tried that and guess what they never drank the raw milk and I ended up dumping it down the drain. Anyways just random thoughts on our raw milk experience. My dh and I love it. It doesn't have that yicky after taste to me. Yummy!! Maybe one day the boys will like it. lol

timsarmywifey said...

You might be able to find someone near you who has a milk goat you can buy from....

Anonymous said...


All the years we lived in the Philippines it was only the last 4 that we were finally able to get milk either of us could drink and/or put on cereal.

Love that cartoon!! super cute and funny!!! :):):)

You are going to have tons of fun in Japan. :)

love/prayers Mom T

Anonymous said...

Hello De'etta
I'm a member form MHE I want to tell you that you can buy raw milk off base at some of the farms here in Misawa. I not sure which ones thought.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Pavie - this is great news. Do you know of a local spot to buy wheat berries????