Sunday, March 22, 2009

Random Misawa Trivia

McDonalds in Japan Pictures, Images and Photos

A quick search reveals that McDonalds has spread to Japan - arriving in 1971 - one of those shops is in Misawa. Zander will be happy....though we really don't like to eat there. ::snort:: The one in Misawa has a playground!!! That will be WONDERFUL in the winter, especially if we are living in an apartment.

McDonalds has had a bit of a rocky history in Japan but is set to be the first restaurant chain in Japan to top 500 billion yen in one year of sales...2008.

Kim tells me that a Whopper meal (or maybe it was the quarter pounder) in Tokyo is about 700 yen....$7 - 8 depending on if the rate is 1:88 or 1:98.

I've been remiss in posting random trivia - I must remember to do that...helps me remember why I'm running around like a nut. ::snort::

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Cynthia said...

Maybe it'll be good enough to just recognize a familiar sign and not actually have to eat there. YIKES! That's one pricey burger.

Lisa in Jax said...

Ah, it's a little like

Hurray for play-places!

Anonymous said...


:):) Think I wouldn't want to many of those hamb's. :):) Wonder if the playground is enclosed & heated for winter? Probably!

Now I can learn to read one word in Japanese. :):) l/0 Mom T