Friday, March 27, 2009

Random Trivia from Japan - Chopsticks

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  • Chopsticks come in all sizes.

  • Chopsticks are made from various types of wood and even ivory and plastic.

  • Some chopsticks are used for cooking (just like Americans have cooking spoons, tea spoons and tablespoons).

  • You can serve yourself from the communal dish with the broad end of your chopstick.

  • It is rude to point with your chopsticks.

  • It is rude to stab your food with your chopsticks.

  • It is rude to hold your chopsticks in a fist.

  • Most food is cooked in bite-size pieces so you can easily pick them up with chopsticks.

Our friends, Doug and Deja, showed me these cool chopsticks one day. Fearing we'd starve in Tokyo before we reached the base in the north, I bought some for our carry-on bags. ::silly me:: They arrived today.....and the children couldn't wait to try them out at dinner. Do you see where this is going????


This is FRIDAY night - PIZZA night!


This little girl is not exhibiting the proper way to use chopsticks.

{Remember, these are "facts" from books....Yes, we are making a chopstick book for our Japan Lapbook. ::snort::}

Choosing Joy!
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Stephanie said...

I haven't had a lot of time to comment, but I love your random facts! They are fabulous!

Becki said...

Those are John and Kate Plus Eight chopsticks! LOL

I sometimes wish Paul could have an overseas assignment!

Kim said...

I made choco=krispie treats for a picnic here in Japan once. My friends ate them with chopsticks. I couldn't believe it. But, now, my Jun (2 3/4) demands chopsticks to eat her cut up toast in the morning. The child who massages carrots for dinner hates dirty hands in the morning! LOL!

Renee said...

A friend sent us those chopsticks; I may have to donate them to the church yardsale since we never use them. We all have our own Korean chopsticks (which are flat and made of metal - the same kind as our forks/spoons) which we will actually be using tomorrow when we eat bugogi

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Becki - John and Eight? I'm out of touch. Is this a television sit com? Reality show?

We are excited to be going overseas - can you tell? ::snort::

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Kim- I love it. I saw someone eating chips with chopsticks....

Is all or most eating with fingers considered rude in Japan? Are there some things you can eat with your hands? It was a DUH moment for me when I read "meat is cut to bitesize pieces for easy use with chopsticks...." and I have thoughts about the healthier aspect of eating with chopsticks. LOL

Deja said...

I'm have some animals that we DON'T have...the monkey and camel?! Might have to order some more ;-) Now your kids have yet another way to remember the 5 W. Texas E's LOL

Wild Homeschool Family said...

Those look fun! Cute picture of Stacia trying them out.

I think one or two of my other comments didn't go through this morning but wasn't awake enough to notice..sorry!

Anonymous said...

Sis: How neat! I never did get the hang of chop sticks. Tolentino's tried to teach me but I just couldn't get it and liked the Filipino casual way of eating with one's finger tips. :)

love/prayers Mom T