Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday Morning

Our day began with a trip out to the realtor. We put a deposit down on another home. I decided I deserved two homes. ::snort::

Seriously, we reserved a home for new friends we very much look forward to meeting. This was HUGE....because *I* drove the kids and I out to the realtor's office. We didn't get lost. I think we obeyed all traffic signs. Jared commended me for being a polite American driver and yielding so often....I replied, "It's easy to yield when you don't know what the signs mean!" ::snort::

We headed to DOCOMO - to get cell phones for Jared and I. We've been there once before...and walked out because we couldn't figure out the plans, brochures etc. I've been pouring over it all and trying to get a grasp of it. I headed out, determined to have a cell phone by the end of the day. I got to the office and realized that I didn't know if they would accept my American credit card or if I needed yen. No one could understand what I was asking. I talked to the nice lady on the English Customer Service line again.....she suggested I come back at 2 p.m. and there would be an English speaking manager who could help me sign up.

We left DOCOMO with no phone and hungry bellies. Jared commented that he'd really like to try Sukiya rather than more sandwiches or Burger King. We did. ANOTHER adventure...our first time to venture out alone....and it was funny!



The unadventurous eaters could find nothing that looked good. I couldn't read the menu, but the pictures are somewhat helpful and I could make out the prices. First I was worried that Y80,000 yen may not be enough...the money thing continues to throw me. I quickly realized that I had about $80 and that was much more than $8. ::snort:: The lady brought Jared a menu. Then she brought Jared water. When she came I ordered 4 bowls of rice and ice cream for the younger ones. I pointed to what I wanted and Jared said he wanted the same. She left. I commented to Jared that I hoped we got rice too and I wasn't sure what the meat was, but it looked like it may be beef. He said, "It's the mega beef bowl and it comes with rice." I was VERY impressed...until he told me that she had given him an ENGLISH menu and he assumed we were all looking at English menus. ::snort::

Nolan and Arielle did great with their chopsticks. Stacia ate her huge bowl of rice when I fed her with the chopsticks, she was struggling to get the food to her mouth. Zander stayed with ice cream....and that must change. There was a word in the bottom of our bowl and I'm busy trying to figure out what it means. ::snort::



Zander did o.k. with the teeny ice cream spoon. ::snort::

Choosing Joy!
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Cynthia said...

LOL about the menu... at least he didn't let you go thinking he understood it all.

Anonymous said...


love your adventures! Love the menu story..... funny! At least you are recognizing what the pictures are all about. :)

What is Sukiya?

Alexander must be my G-kid.... glad someone is going to carry on the ice-cream love and tradition. :):) That is the only ting I miss eating all I want of.

Neat about having a friend living close to you. When do you think your home will be ready?

Great that you were not lost. How sad!! one part of adventure out the window for the day.

love/prayers --- Mom T

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Sukiya is a little restaurant here in town. The parking lot is congested and I had my hands full making sure Stacia didn't get in between the in and out lanes of traffic. ::snort:: I'll grab a photo next time.

It appears that in Japan men (even young men) still get deference in group settings. "Ladies first" is not the norm in this least not up here in this part of the country. LOL

Kim said...

Might want to check your purse again. 80,000 yen is 800 dollars. You are RICH!

Romany said...

My friend, what a blessing you are to my friend.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Well....Kim...I was rich...because I mistook how much I needed for a deposit on the house and so have lots of yen just now....but if I keep misplacing zeroes, it will be gone before I know it. LOL

I'm really trying...the problem is....I can't SEE the little numbers without glasses and I often don't have them when I'm digging coins out of my purse...or trying to read the numbers on the front...soon I'll be familiar with the sizes and photos and I won't need to read the numbers. I'm really quite hopeless at this point.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

It's been our pleasure, Dorothy.

Anonymous said...

Nolan looks so much like Dad these days...I can't get over it every time I see a picture of Jared's a funny one. Miss you all lots...the tree house is still there...I checked the other

Bre G