Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Japanese Homes

I've mentioned that our house is American style. There are homes our size and larger here. I think because it's a farming community, we do see more homes than say in like Tokyo. Most houses are smaller and close yard between them at all.

Many families live in apartments like these.


Note the hooks/bars hanging from the ceilings of the balconies. These are for drying laundry. I have noticed most (if not all) homes have laundry poles outside or a room even for drying laundry. In fact a few houses I've seen have what look like SHEDS...with windows all around and lots of laundry drying inside.

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For His Glory said...

Wow what a great picture! I'm learning alot from reading your blog. What an awesome experince for the family.

homeschool101 said...

Thanks for sharing this. I will hold this link to your site back for our upcoming study. My husband will be heading over to Japan late Jan to Feb for few weeks dealing with work. I decided what a perfect time to devote some studying on the place daddy will be staying for several weeks.

We will learn all about Japan, Culture, History etc. I hope to interact some hands on crafts as well and my husband will bring things back to wrap up our study. This a great blog. I thank you for sharing, I hope to see more posts later on. Bless you.

Romany said...

I wish I had one of those drying sheds! Most people here hang their laundry outside to dry too, but in areas that get a lot of rain it's difficult to guarantee that it won't come in wetter than it went out.

I tried hanging my washing outside in Canada, the first winter we were there and it came in stiff as a board. I could just stand the clothes up in the kitchen. So funny.LOL!

Anyway, I'm all for using the sun and the wind to dry clothing, bed-linen etc. It smells wonderful when it comes in. One of my favourite sights is a line full of white nappies drying in the sunshine!

Paula said...

I don't remember once seeing a clothes dryer in all my time in Japan--although I am sure there were homes that had them. The apartments I lived in usually had a small (portable style) washing machine out on the balcony, that ran only with cold water.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Tiny, tiny machines, right Paula? They now have teeny dryers too.....but most dry with lines. I'm trying....but we don't really want our underwear in the living mostly I use it for loads in the laundry room that need more time.....I did use it in the summer more - though the wind often blew it over. LOL

Anonymous said...


Oh Boy! Do I ever remember having to hang stuff out in the winter and also having washed clothing all over the house drying. My friends/I (when parents weren't home) use to use the stiff clothing to build houses/forts and other such things with the stiff clothing. Had to play fast though. :):)

In Liberia we had under the house drying and also a screened room for when it was raining.

In the Philippines (1st 4 years) we had under the house and outside lines. THEN we graduated and had a washer/dryer and what blessings! l/p --- Mom T.