Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Today was the last day of Golden Week (yes, I WILL write about that soon). Today is the day that we understood the excitement over Hanami - Flower Viewing - usually Cherry Blossoms.

 I invited Katie and her kids to come out to Liberty Park with us to see the Cherry Blossoms. I've never seen such a big crowd at any local spot...but it didn't feel overly crowded..... it's a big place.

We hit it RIGHT. The trees were in FULL bloom (as opposed to Saturday's photos when I thought they were in bloom  ::snort::).  We enjoyed a picnic lunch together. Katie's husband is also deployed. I sure enjoyed relaxing and visiting with an adult in the middle of the day. LOL  Katie is a couple of years older than our oldest.  Her 8 month old baby LOVES me. It's strange. I'm not a "baby" person, but the first time we met he reached for me ....and continues to do so. He made my YEAR during Sunday School. He was resisting a nap. I asked if I could walk him for her at the side of the class.... he snuggled his little head right into my neck and then would look up at me and the time the opening prayer was over he was sleeping.  We enjoyed visiting (at least I did ::grin::), Jared studied under the statue, the kids played.

Michael is such a good traveler. ::snort::

It really felt like a magical land.  I stood under the trees and they made a roof.....gently falling blossoms....

We got school done too! A full day in the sun and school....waking up at 4:30 isn't that bad, really. LOL

You know, I was feeling bad that we didn't do the tourist thing and go to the castle for Cherry Blossoms...but honestly...we are having a lot of fun simply joining in with local festivals etc.

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

Sis: So beautiful. HA, you may think you are not a "baby person" but you know how to snuggle them and help them fall to sleep.... let me see you have done that a few time. Way to go Sis. Bet the lady felt relieved. love/prayers - Mom T.

Linda said...

Is the giant poster of Mike new to this deployment?

Kim said...

Sounds like you found some beautiful spots!!! Enjoy the flowers! YOu can catch the castle anytime!

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

They ARE beautiful. I think we'll try the castle a bit later in the season....we'll see.

Yes, Linda, he is new to this deployment.

Cynthia said...

You can always do the tourist thing next year when Mike is back home and WOW are those pictures gorgeous! I've always wanted to go to DC during cheery blossom time since I've heard it's a spectacular time to visit. Seeing your pictures reminds me I must add that to the list of things to do!