Wednesday, July 07, 2010

"Sand Dollar" Beach

Kurt, Anna and kids had told us about Sand Dollar beach. We decided it would be the perfect adventure for tomorrow.  We went to the base to say goodbye to Ch. BA....he's deploying for 6 months...and I'm truly sad for his family...but also VERY EXCITED to have a deployment buddy.  Anyway, we were looking for an afternoon adventure.....

Directions: Go left off POL towards 338....go left at the T....keep going until you cross a bridge with blue poles.....take an immediate right onto a dirt road.
From 2010-07-06
It worked. I was a bit skeptical.....worried that I hadn't found the right road, but I figured we were heading to the ocean and even if we didn't find THE beach we would find the ocean....Honshu IS an island.
From 2010-07-06
This was one tight spot, but the van fit under....we just SQUEEZED.
From 2010-07-06
No clue what the above sign means...Kaiken Koen (Momoishi Beach) has the same sign. We found sand dollars and crabs.
From 2010-07-06
We got our afternoon shower while we were at the ocean....I love how the steam rises from the pavement and fields around our home when we get the showers.
From 2010-07-06
My goal was to find the Citizenry Forestry Park on the way home, but I missed the turn. We went to "our" beach - Momoishi or Kaikenkoen - instead.
From 2010-07-06
Stacia had a horrible experience with the squatty potty. I'm clueless as to how to really teach her to use the just do the best you can. This photo is to how Michael how wide the little channel has gotten again. You'd never know they bull dozed the beach to be sandy to the ocean TWICE since last fall.
From 2010-07-06

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Renee said...

Theresa had to be naked from the waist down... she was incapable of leaning in the right direction to not end up with soaked panties (same thing when we had to use the roadside on occasional long trips). We also looked for the handicapped stalls since those had western potties

Anonymous said...

Sis: Beautiful indeed! love/prayers - Mom t.

Kim said...

Hmmm. Squatty potties. Jun watched a video and was getting the hang of it when we left. She also enjoyed camping - if you get my drift!

Can she squat with her feet flat on the floor? If not, that makes it tough too, especially if there isn't a handle. Hmmm.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Hmmm.....will check her posture, Kim and will remember your tip, Renee. I'm terrified of trying to find a you tube on this. :;snort::