Thursday, July 08, 2010


Some days don't go as planned...but they turn out to be good days anyway.

I planned to start yogurt, run Nolan to the dentist, go to the lake and swim with friends, bake more bread, cook dinner and enjoy the night with Akikosan learning Japanese.

I started the yogurt and added the starter at the wrong spot. It doesn't work if you don't do it right.  ::snort::

We ran to the dentist and it took longer than expected for them to extract two baby teeth that would not come out and were causing Nolan to grow two sets of teeth.

Arielle learned today the person in the front must be ready to snap photos when Mom says, "Get a shot of that." I'll be sharing her shorts later on - funny signs. But this photo makes me smile....

While at the dentist I heard from the folks we bought the van from. Pass and ID had told them that it still wasn't in my name. Back to pass and ID. No CLUE what was up there. LOL But all is fine.

Headed for the lake and got an AMAZING lightening, thunderstorm...buckets of rain...felt like W TX. Someone told me she's been here 1 1 /2 and they'd never had a thunderstorm until the one a few weeks ago.....and I LOVE them.  Detoured from lake to BX. Left purchases from BX in commissary. I called right away and they had been moved from the check stand where I left them....Second time we've "lost" things in the commissary. Guess we need to be vigilant in there.

I baked bread and forgot the salt.....well....we'll eat it and it will taste fine...but isn't right.

Akiko taught us about Tanabata, we made paper cranes and lanterns and told her all about our trip to the zoo - in JAPANESE....that was a challenge. LOL  I'll blog about Tanabata later....maybe tomorrow. BUT - look at the fun treat she brought us tonight.

Coke and 7-up flavored Kit Kats. I really need to start a list of all the flavors we've tried....banana, apple, cherry, strawberry, white chocolate....

In addition to Cola Kit Kats, Stacia discovered she "loves" roasted peppers, onions, asparagus and zucchini today.

Choosing Joy!
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Linda said...

We have been having the storms here, but that's typical in Florida. I don't think I'm adventurous enough to strange all those strange flavors of chocolate! :)

Anonymous said...

Sis: Enjoy the thunderstorms. I haven't heard one since leaving Montana so many years ago.

Chocolate.... nothing better.

BUT what a neat way to get kids to eat their vegie's -- maybe I should try roasting.

love/prayers - Mom T.

Kristine said...

Good for Stacia! And good they don't have asparagus or red pepper flavored Kit Kats, haha.

I love the photo of Arielle in the mirror!

Kim said...

Hi De'Etta! Hey, the literal translation for the non-cola flavor is "lemon-squash." I only tell you this because it is my FAVORITE drink in all of Japan. Go to a coffee-shop and pay $4 or so for it and ENJOY! Super fizzy and super sour and super awesome!!! Don't settle for the canned version!

Oh, and thunder storms, they hit in the evening here often. Usually the end RIGHT before I need to get on Skype for my classes! God is good!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Lemon Squash- I will ask for it. It certainly makes a better candy than the cola. LOL

Linda said...

when the weather gets cooler (here, anyway), I will GLADLY send you $$$ so that you can send me a box of all the different flavored Kit-Kats you can find...seriously. I like the adventure. Even some of the tastier Japanese treats you've shown I would try. Let me know if you'd be willing to do this for me!!!