Thursday, January 20, 2011

iPad Review

I'm often stopped and asked how I like the ipad or what I use it most for - so here are my thoughts after having it for a few months.

Before we moved to Japan, several suggested I buy a Kindle.  I was intrigued. The ones out then had a smaller screen, didn't have global wifi programs etc..... and Michael was skeptical. When we got here I met a woman with a Kindle who sang its praises.  Nate came to watch the kids in March and had a Kindle. I was sold. However, being firm Ramsey converts...impulse buys are not allowed, research is a must, we don't buy first generation and it must be in the budget.  Michael had been on these tech envy crazes with me before....I needed a PDA etc.....and eventually I went back to pen and paper. He didn't think a reader was a good idea as he felt, other than travel, I'd prefer real books.

I began to travel a lot and was lugging a lot of books around. I really, really wanted a Kindle. The ipad came out. Michael thought THAT would be a good idea. It was a device that would do more than one function and if I didn't like a reader it would still be handy for other "things". We weren't quite sure what, but he thought it would be useful in my traveling and speaking.  He wanted to wait for the 2nd generation so the bugs would be worked out. We waited and waited....and researched.

He bought me an ipad as a "Deployment Survival/Christmas" gift. (Who knows it may be my birthday gift too. ::snort::) I had two round trip to the states trips in November. I LOVED having the ipad on the trips.  I was able to email, skype, check files, Facebook, blog, read blogs and read books.....and it weighed less than my laptop and books in a back pack.

Back at home we discovered many new uses. Yes, I love to read with it.  I still occasionally will check FB or  emails on it. I have all my contacts, calendar, grocery lists and such on it. I can run slide shows on it. I have games, flashcards, aps for reading news, Air 1, Bible study etc.  All great. I love to sit and READ blogs on it - more relaxing and book like than sitting at the computer. I loaded the free dropbox ap and can put any file  on our computers on the ipad (directories, minutes, rosters, school work, Bible Study discussion questions or notes).  I've been able to load something at home with wifi ( and show webpages to my Bible study ladies. We got directions on google at home with wifi and then used the directions on a trip. (Wifi isn't common in Japan so we lose connection when we're out and about).

I downloaded Olive Tree reader ap free. I downloaded  free Bible translations and can highlight, take Sermon and class notes on it and they cross all translations. I could pay for all of Zodhiates etc on Olive Tree...but I wanted to research before I began buying things to go with the ap and was locked in to using it. In my research  I was told about Laridian (Thanks again Diann in NV).  Laridian is also a free ap or download - with about 40 Books on it. You then pay to add things to it (much like e-sword), but they have a "buy once" policy. I can use anything I buy from them on ALL my platforms -  lap top, my ipad, phones etc. I love it. I'd be able to synch notes. Very helpful.  I'm in the process of purchasing Laridian but am still deciding what to buy.

No, I don't do all my Bible study at the computer...but I HAVE discovered it is  nice  to have a whole library of study tools in my purse. I can sit in the recliner with my Bible (in the ipad or the hard copy), decide to check out something and I don't have to go get the books or move to the table. I love it. I haven't totally switched my quiet time journaling and study  to ipad.....I like putting pen to paper...but I love having a library in my lap.

I do take the ipad in my purse to church - much lighter than my Bible and I can take the notes right in the text with the free Olive Reader. I'm assuming I can do the same with Laridian.  LOVE it. I also take notes in Sunday school and at MOPS and PWOC meetings. I have a "note" for chapel prayer requests.

Though you look a bit silly,  with Skype on the ipad it functions as a phone. ::snort:: And oh the conversations we started with the thing up to my ear. 
I also love to sit it on the microwave to my recipe page on this blog. 
This week I discovered that I can watch news clips and movies while I work out at home....later I realized I didn't need the ipod hooked up as all my music is on the ipad. 
Stacia is always eager to drill with the ipad....yes, I DO worry about her dropping it again - but forgiveness involves second chances. ::snort::  I can't hold her accident over her forever. 

Yes, it was an extravagant gift but oh how I love it. I didn't even fuss at the creative budgeting. ::snort:: Michael was right - I love this. I love the reader and having so many books immediately available (though many I want aren't).  This is really nice living over here where English libraries simply aren't an option. The base has a library but  the selection is very limited. 

And for Christmas, I got Mike a Kindle. He'd been broadly hinting that he thought having a Kindle for books would be nice.  We've even thought of getting one for the kids...but figure when we move back to the states we'll get a new ipad with the 3g capabilities and let the kids have this one for their games and drills and such. LOL 

Choosing Joy!
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The Social Frog said...

I have both, and I love both of them for different reasons. I do prefer my Kindle for reading although at night I might take my iPad into bed to read a little in the dark but I usually use the iPad for games and a few other apps.

momma24 said...

Steven and I have talked about an iPad but didn't think it would do enough of what my laptop, that is dying, does. This was a great help and I sent a link to him to read.

Linda said...

You do know you can get the Kindle app for free? And that you can sync your Kindle and your iPad (and other devices) and they will all know what page you're on on a particular book?

I have an iTouch (I call it the mini-iPad, lol). I got the Kindle app, the Nook app...and I've been searching for free books.

There are so many free apps for iTouch/iPad/iPhone out's quite amazing!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

OH - I should have mentioned pages+ - I had to pay $9.99 for it - but it works like word on the ipad. I can email docs back to my home computer for printing etc. You can even add photos and do some desk top publishing with it. You can create power point LIKE slide shows and excel like documents too - but I know the slide show won't synch with power point.

Linda - yes, I have the kindle ap on my ipad, Mike owns the kindle. We share books. Sorry to be unclear.

There are a zillion free aps.

I love the free books - and I love that Kindle gives you a "sample" of most books before you buy.

I call the ipad an "smart phone for the visually impaired". LOL

Lois said...

Thanks for the review, De'Etta! I've been wondering about all these tools and such. It's nice to have others go before and pave the way.