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Directions to Risoukyo Flower Farm

Geo Coordinates to general area N40* 38.140   E 141* 09.187

Best visited in June and July - though we went in September and enjoyed ourselves. 

May -          adult Y300      Students Y100
June/July      adult Y500      Students Y200
Other months - FREE 

Directions: - Get to Towada - there are two ways from base...get to Rt 10 below is the way which goes by our part of town.
  • Leave through the POL gate
  • Continue straight through town, under the toll road - keep going until you reach Towada
  • As you reach Towada, the train tracks are on your left. You will pass two schools on your right, separated by a traffic light. 
  • At the Y - go right
  • You will pass Aomori Bank on the right at a stop light. 
  • Continue past two more stop lights
  • As it seems you are leaving the city, you will pass another school on the right, set back a few blocks. There will be a stop light with no buildings nearby. 
  • After this stoplight, the road bends slightly to the left. At the next intersection, turn right. 
  • You will being seeing signs to the Horse Park. Continue straight. Do not turn left to the Horse Museum. You will continue straight for about half a mile. Look for a road that angles to the right. There will be a sign with an iris on it. 
  • Shortly after this turn you will see a building with a thatch roof - there are two entrances to the gardens. 

OR if you know your way to the horse park.....that last funky intersection before you go up the hill - turn RIGHT and watch for little signs with Iris on them - the road will angle to the's about 5 min from this turn off to the little road that takes you to the flower garden. 

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