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Directions to Cape Shiriya (Shiriyazaki)

Geo Coordinates will get you to the general area N 41* 25.802   E 141* 27.707

This was the site of our very first adventure. We took off on Rte 338 to find "Shipwreck Beach".  We'd been told it was "up Hwy 338" - so we kept driving, along stunning scenery and rocky cliffs....and never found Shipwreck Beach - but we found Cape Shiriya and the Kandachime wild horses.

We've gone back several times for the view, the horses, to's a fun spot.  Tip:  take a map and leave before dark to find your way home....remember south and east and you'll eventually find Misawa. ::grin::  Search the blog for more posts about Cape Shiriya. There are several.


  • Go out POL Gate
  • Take left at first light
  • Turn left at 2nd light at Circle K
  • This intersects with Rte 338 - turn left and head north on 338 for approx 74 km
    • You will by the nuclear plant and along the rockly coastline of Higashidori
    • Distance may be a bit off as they have built a detour around Higashidori and other small towns
  • After 74 km turn RIGHT on route 248...Look for signs to Shiriyazaki or Cape Shiriya - follow signs
  • After 14.5 km turn LEFT onto route 172.
  • Follow route 172 for 3.1 km and turn right. 
    • You'll travel around the northern cost of Honshua
    • You'll go past a BIG mill
  • After approx 8.8 kim turn LEFT to enter the Kandachime Horse reserve/ Shiriya Lightouse.

 *If you are geocachers, don't forget your's a nice search, just keep an eye out for visitors and their leavings. LOL

For other posts about visits to this area type "Shiriya Lighthouse" into the search box at the top left of the screen.

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