Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Man's Gotta Do.....

There are times when a man has to speak up. Today was one of those days for Jared and I am incredibly proud of him. I attended a meeting he had with two men. I've lost much trust with the adults in this situation and simply wanted to be sure, 1. There was a witness to what was agreed upon and 2. Someone was there to make sure Jared didn't "say too much".  ::snort::  The one man said in 31 years a parent had never attended a meeting. I told him  I needed to be there to kick Jared if he said the wrong thing. ::snort:: I think they understood by the end of the meeting why Jared would want a witness at the meeting. Michael had planned on going but he's laid up - and really we think it turned out good I was there. I'm not as threatening. 

In any event - there are simply times one must speak up when they see things that need to be addressed. The men were very understanding.  It was a good round table discussion and I think new understanding was gained by all. They assured him they understood his motive and that they did not think he was vindictive. They offered him some solutions, but he opted to quit his job. They offered him the chance to leave his letter of resignation and uniform with them.  They also said that they were officially giving him "two weeks of leave without pay" which means on his record he gave 2 weeks notice and  yet doesn't  need to go back.   For a variety of reasons all feel good about this decision. 

Photo from Stars and Stripes
Jared has learned many lessons working at the Mokuteki....both life lessons and work lessons. That's all good. He HAS enjoyed many of the folks he met, he understands Japanese culture better, he learned how to work through a conflict with a fellow employee, he learned sometimes things simply require speaking up and walking away, and  he learned how to make  GREAT drinks. ::snort::

This afternoon....he got a phone call.... who knew? He's jumping ship from FSS to AAFES....and we're amazed how seamlessly it all worked out...almost like "the big Someone" was waiting for him to decide to speak up and quit.

He'll begin training at Pizza Hut in the near future! We can make that switch, though we used to think Mokuteki had the best pizza on base. ::snort::

And yes, the Holy Spirit was stronger than Mama Bear. I went as a witness and not as a warrior.

Choosing Joy!
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Linda said...

Good job, Jared and Parents! Life is full of these kinds of situations. Jared is now more prepared than ever to handle them. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I spoke to this in the upper post. BUT I think it is neat he will be getting more experience at another possible statside job when he gets to Texas. How awesome you all are. love/;prayers - mom T. (Dad is conked out.....ER last night by ambulance.....he's ok but he could not move due to back pain. Nothing broken but messed up stuff......goodness they have him on various pain, muscle relaxants and anti-inflamatory's etc. He hardly can move or walk yet. Goodness, what has happened with that number of 71....and just to think it is only 1 lettle number past 70. OK, We'll just have to be more careful of what we do or whatever...:):):):):):):) YOU KNOW, we really are not 71 yet.....our minds say we are only in our early-mid 60's...AND OUR MINDS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT! :):):):))
At least Dad will be at ease today and that means I probably will get a lot of stuff done in the office. :):):):):) love/prayers - mom t. Yippy, I now get to try another set of letters AND this will make my mind even better, how could my mind be any better?? :):):):)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Providential? I think yes;)
Bre g

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Mom will try to call didn't see this earlier....Bre and Linda - it's all grace.