Saturday, April 21, 2012

I'm Most Blessed

I'm having one of those, "Oh it is breaking my heart to think of leaving Japan" days. It all started when our sweet Japanese neighbor brought us over the first daffodils of the season.  This couple owns the barn  I take photos of each season. Their fields surround two sides of our home. 

I noticed the flowers were finally blooming (eventually they'll cover the whole hill) and grabbed the camera. 

Soon the doorbell rang, Yuuki HOWLED and HOWLED, Stacia opened the door and I heard clucking and Japanese speaking to Yuuki. (BTW Akikosan says that Yuuki has forgotten how to understand Japanese! I think that's the polite way of saying she isn't nearly as well-mannered as she was for Richard and Susi!)
What a blessing! I ran out and practiced all the suitable phrases, we bowed to each other....and I am blessed.  They always bring us the first flowers, the first cabbage, the first big, strange root renews my determination to learn Japanese but I'm hopeless. I can only pray she sees Jesus in us without the right words.  Stacia and I broke them into 3 bouquets as we talked about how to surprise our neighbor this week. 
One for the stove

One for the tonsu

Another for the "end table"

Stacia gave me the cup of wildflowers...and note the SPRING kokeshi is now out! 

Many of you know  we asked for, and were miraculously granted, a one year extension in Japan with the Air Force. Our hearts are here. We love this country.  We will be retiring from the Air Force in three years. I believe God is breathing dreams in our heart and we are eager to see where they may lead. I know it's not the season to be dreaming God-sized dreams with our current economy...but there you have can we not? Meanwhile, unless God does something amazingly wonderful we will be packing up in about a year to move to our last Air Force assignment for two years...and then....will we get to return to Asia? 

Choosing Joy!
©2012 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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