Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Yuuki - the Doggie Catapult

As noted previously, Yuuki has claimed the back of the recliner at the top of the stairs. This was PLANNED to be MY reading nook...but first the kids and now Yuuki have stolen my spot. Ah well.

Yuuki camps out in this spot during the day....seems a central place where she can keep watch on all during school. Jared is done with the bulk of his school. He's feeling the joy....he came down the hall today and said, "Yuuki!" And plopped himself into the recliner. It catapulted Yuuki off the back of the chair. He caught her, but she gave him her, "YOU ARE SO LAME" look...which cracked us all up.

The above photo is staged. Being a brilliant pup, Yuuki was not about to stay put when Jared approached for the photo op this evening.
Choosing Joy!
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