Saturday, May 05, 2012

Cherry Blossoms?

We waited and waited for Cherry Blossoms. A SURE sign spring is here to stay.  When the blossoms bloom Northern Japan comes to a standstill. Cherry Blossom festivals...hanami (flower viewing parties)'s MAGICAL to walk in a park with blossoms floating in the air.  At night they light the's really one of those bucket list experiences....So...we waited with great excitement. Michael missed the first year due to his deployment. He missed last year due to the girl's graduation....this year.....

They finally bloomed  - barely; not even fully  - and two days later it began to rain and storm. Many blooms are down...and we've not made it to the park....but I went ahead and snapped some photos in the storm  when I was at the chapel, as you never know if there will be blossoms when the storms past and Stacia is well enough to be out and about. For this moment, I decided to enjoy "Hanami" at the chapel.  I think there's an illustration in here about living in the present.

Click to see past  beauty.....and I was reminded that it has been MUCH warmer around here on May 5th - we usually have broccoli growing by now. LOL

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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Stephanie said...

those are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

HI: WELL....a mistake was made by me....I kept up with you all on facebook BUT not on the Blog. I have been scanning thru and see that much as been missed. I will start checking your blod daily from now on (8/10/12) :):) Not sure how long it is going to be befor I get all caught up....I always call dad to see some of the postings. SO here goes L/P MOM T.