Tuesday, July 24, 2012


So glad we motivated a lunch at BJ's with BOTH girls, Rebecca, Mom and Dad, all of us and Kent too. It was a nice time to sit and visit with all - and now that we are in hyper speed mode to LEAVE ..... glad we did it.

Sunday evening Arielle and Nolan helped paint VBS tribe and station signs. You may remember the blue paint from earlier in our stay when Nolan helped paint until 1 a.m. 

The rest of us went to the girls' apartment, did LAUNDRY (so glad now that we are LEAVING) and visited. Krista had stored away some poppers which the kids enjoyed. We watched Aragon and Ever After.

Monday, Michael applied for a passport. ::snort:: The girls and I met Sherri for lunch. GLAD we did this as we're now LEAVING (as in quickly).  We spent the afternoon lounging at the pool, while Michael continued to work on errands and passport application.

Right at dinner we heard we were going home...LEAVING Tuesday a.m. to drive to CA and then on to Japan.....so we called the girls and my folks and had dinner. We headed over the girls' after dinner to help them eat ice cream  (Dad brought the rest of Michael's watermelon which he had for breakfast) and we worked on designing the new Team G shirt....it's going to be awesome!

Some gave their all 

Michael in the Coke kitchen.

This a.m. we're up and running. Michael always adds a zany touch to my travels. ::snort:: He pings...and I've gotten my routine down....so on travel days I must be sure the blog is updated. I cannot START a trip behind or I may lose all motivation and never blog again - and he likes me to keep the family journal up.....so I knew I had time to blog and pack....and here we are 10 min before we are to leave the hotel.

Michael ran out and bought another suitcase...this will allow us to "redistribute" if any suitcase is heavy.....and um....some of us shopped more than we thought. LOL

Lined up and ready to go - 6 travelers - allowed 12 bags - taking 5 bags. We're good!  He picked out a nice turquoise/teal bag over black - because he loves me. LOL

8 minutes before Michael heads to pick up a rental van and I check out and head to my folks. The bags are in the van......the rooms are clear...I'm turning off the laptop..... We'll be over in a few minutes, Mom and Dad. 

Love the Airforce...hurry up....wait...HURRY UP what are you waiting for? ::snort:: 

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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Renee said...

laughing because this post is dated Wed July 25th.... :)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I KNOW - it's been confusing - but I just left the computer on Japanese time thinking I'd be home and it wasn't worth the bother....so there you have it - computer generated chaos. LOL