Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Wild Side

We were pleased to join a group from our local home church, Calvary Open Bible, on a trip to the Wildlife Safari in Winston, OR. Michael and I had gone a LONG time ago  - 1984 - with my Mom and baby brother - Squirt, Than Man,  Nate!  It was fun to see how much this has changed. I hadn't realized it was "fairly new" when we went the first time.  The animals no longer roam as free as they once did.  The concept is the animals are in their habitat and YOU are in a cage (your car).  Now the more dangerous animals are in large fenced in areas which you can drive near. Still - fun for the kids. A really nice contrast to the zoo we visit in Japan (animals aren't in as good health as they are in stateside zoos). 

I took over 150 photos; be thankful I'm only sharing 30 or so. 

I don't know - this guy was pretty scary tapping on my window! 

Yep - hump - Grizzly. 

A boot in his mouth? 

In velvet

Lovely area

Why should *I* move? 

G'ma enjoys a second childhood

Nolan is taller than G'pa
Incredibly fun day! 

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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BethS said...

We have yaks so next time you are in the states you need to come see us :)! Have a safe trip home.

Laura said...

Those bear photos are amazing!! :)

And love the milestone of Nolan taller than his Grandpa. Those are big moments!