Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kite Flying

We are determined to make the most of the rare treat of having Michael home on a Saturday. You may have noted we did not go on a field trip this week. We had planned to go to Hakkoda as a family - but remembered Michael was duty chaplain on Friday night. ::snort::

After the pinata Michael mentioned it would be a fun day to go fly kites. We got in touch with Dawn and Elizabeth and set out.....It turned out to be rather UNPREDICTABLY wind, gusts of wind....but it was still a fun outing.....

These two enjoyed the time to play....I observed a few issues to work on with Princess Chatterbox. Funny to watch what happens when two extroverted girls get together.....good stuff to learn now.  Elizabeth is in Japanese school and so only has every other Saturday off.

C'mon Mom we're tired of photos! 
 Dawn has cool camera which has a switch that allows you to turn the camera around and see what you are taking. If she ended up with better photos than mine, I'll share them later. This was with us and the girls but the girls were cut out in all the ones I took.

 I did not know Dawn is vegan until our tea part and it's been great fun to ply her with questions. She is very patient.

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

Sis: how cute those two yung-in are. looks like a real fun day. Wind! bet it would take steal kites to fly on the East coast today! Leotta is worried because one of her G'daughters lives on Long Island where the storm is going to be so bad etc.... so help us pray please. We are so glad you are all getting out and about so much just now. love/prayers - mom t.