Saturday, October 20, 2012

Krista's New Job

Another Adult Gherkin update! 

We are thrilled how God worked out the circumstances for Krista to be able to quit her college job and follow her heart to a job which brings her provision, fulfillment and allows her more time to pursue her ministry as the Children's Pastor at Lively Stone Fellowship. Krista is working with a local school district. 

Just look at the beautiful spot where Krista works. 

Krista writes: 

The little girl I work with is amazing. Even though she has many challenges she keeps a positive outlook on life. She and I get along well. I meet her at the bus and see that she gets safely to class and into a chair. Her moving from her wheelchair into a chair is a new thing. She is so excited to be allowed to sit in a normal chair! (She has Brittle Bone Syndrome). 

After she is settled,  I  work on grading papers and answer questions any of the kids might have. When it is time to leave the class room for PE, Recess, Music, Reading groups, or other things I accompany her and make sure she stays safe in the hallways and other locations.

During recess it is always fun and yet a challenge to come up with games that are fun, involve her peers and keep her safe. So far the popular games have been jump rope (she and I are the only people who can swing jump ropes double dutch style ;-) and a form of kick the can. We always play on the side slab of pavement, because I can more easily control the environment i.e. keep balls and more rowdy kids out. The downside of this is that the pavement is not well maintained and is rather rough. This has resulted in some of the children that play with us to get hurt when they fall (it is a when with this age group). They all understand that "H" can not take her wheelchair on the grass and they continue to  deal with the higher risk. (Don't you LOVE this? In a recent FB post Krista asked for suggestions for games a child in a wheelchair could play with her peers. Leave suggestions in the comment section and I'll get them to Krista.)

I also am teaching two reading intervention groups. "H" has her groups at a table in the same room so I get her situated and then go and work with the children I teach at our table. This is nice for her because she gets a little independence. It is also nice for me because it gives me something to fill the two big empty gaps when I was just sitting. The children I teach are all sweet. I think I have finally mastered there names but it took a while, not to remember them but to remember which went with which child.

No "Krista Post" would be complete without some sort of nod to the UofO Ducks....

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Debbie said...

How wonderful that God has provided so well for Krista. Love the updates.

Kristine said...

That's wonderful, DeEtta! Praise God!

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Yes, His provision for the adult Gherkins keeps me smiling.

Anonymous said...

Sis: again thanks for posting this. Seems I have not been doing much on FB or you blog lately. :(:( The school Krists is at is next door to where Mike/Bev lived once. So proud of all your Stateside kids. AND of course of you Japan kids too. love/prayers - mom t.