Tuesday, October 02, 2012

THAT is NOT a Sweet Little Pinch

Tuesday's are EXHAUSTING; but FULFILLING.  The good thing is we are all exhausted after our morning in the PCOC rooms .... so we all take it easy together.

Yesterday, we discovered the kids could cut out things for PCOC while I read to them....win/win for us.

Stacia had the big shot today - MMR.  I let them talk me into two shots. We were given a big long talk about what to worry about and what is normal...For those new to the saga she had a reaction as a tiny infant to shots, given the history of her great-grandmother being paralyzed after a shot, and the info about shots and the spectrum.... we delayed future shots...Last year the peditrician felt she was good to try shots again and we decided to go for it - one shot at a time.  She's done well. They saved the MMR and she needed Hep A. So - we went for these two. She'll need the 2nd dose in 6 months....then (except for  Chicken Pox) she'll be up to date with all of them until she is 11. She did GREAT today. She didn't flinch or fuss....The tech told her, "Just a sweet little pinch," and she primly informed him, "THAT is not a sweet little pinch." I forgave her cheekiness.

They offered us the option of getting the first Chicken Pox shot - but they don't have the 2nd ones in and aren't sure they'll be in when it's due... she'd have to start all over with it if it isn't here. We'll just do it in the states, I think. Maybe she'll catch Chicken Pox before the shot comes in?

Her bravery was rewarded with all the kids taking a trip to Baskin Robbins. The older two retold the story of Zander's last shot. They were in a DIFFERENT part of the clinic and could HEAR HIM SCREAMING! He was her age.

We ran a couple of errands and then it was time to come home for me to make dinner and the kids to get a bit of time romping around outside.

Dinner was Lentil Enchilada Casserole, Roasted Ratatouille , Yellow Rice, Salad and yummy Cantaloupe. I'm not sure the casserole was a hit, but I'll try it again with a milder salsa (I was glad I didn't follow my instinct to add Chilies)....recipe to follow.

Choosing Joy!
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Kristine said...

We have a local pede practice here who now refuses to see children who are not vaccinated on schedule. So discouraging, although I guess it's good to know up front that the docs think they know better than the parents. Surely it's representative of their beliefs on many issues. :/

Interesting post, I enjoy reading different choices, along with the reasons (on a lot of topics!). Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...


Alexander must be related to me..... I've been known to put up a reas fuss over needles. Even once I ran out of the Dr's office when I needed stitches in my lip/mouth due to being hit in the mouth. Finally mom just taped it all together even from the inside and did I ever look stupid. Healed good though cuz my mouth looks fine.

Stacia must be related to Mom in that she is so blunt. love it. How cute telling the Dr that it was not just a pinch.

:):):):) When I have to have those shots around the 8th vert. they always ask it I want to be sedated......of course.....are they nuts......no way I am going to lay there while they stick a needle in my neck/spine and me not move etc.

Tell Stacia we are proud of her.

love/prayers G'Ma t.