Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Yuuki Tracks a Snake

Zander used to run with Jared. Arielle and Yuuki have been running with Zander since Jared went to college. The S girls began to run with them. They run five mornings a week.

As they were running on the paths through the rice fields on Monday, Mollie found a snake skin.  For the whole 30 min run Yuuki was "dogging"  Mollie. When Mollie zigged and zagged Yuuki zigged and zagged.  They began to walk as they entered our subdivision.  Yuuki looked up at Mollie and finally FOUND what she'd been tracking...the snake...in Mollie's hand. Before they could stop her she jumped up and bit the tail off. She was pretty proud of herself...and now we know she would fight a snake if need be.

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Kristine said...

LOL!! Smart Yuuki, that is so cute! I'd have been a bit bummed though, because as a kid, I'd want to keep that snakeskin. (Her mom was probably grateful.) :D

Love how the kids are running, and that's a great shot.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I know - easy homeschool PE - how cool is THIS? LOL AND SOCIALIZING.....