Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Capturing Moments

Life is moving fast. I need to snatch at some moments...capture the memories for our family journal...and I also need to go and print out more journals come to think of it. 

Smiling after her snow filled run 

I NEVER complain of trudging away on the elliptical....never! And if I should, watching Arielle come in after her morning runs puts it ALL into PERSPECTIVE! 

I was pretty proud of my Japanese homework. I had to write the romanji under the hiragana so I could READ it. Arielle is able to read it.  See the marks in the upper right? My name....I NEED TO REMEMBER THAT so I can write on waiting lists at restaurants. I've caused great consternation with my misspellings the past couple of weeks. 

The kids and I are having fun with our Advent Module in the PCOC room. We will bring this Fisher Price Nativity each week, trying to get a Christmas tree with names of Jesus on it this week too.....anyway....we had great fun watching the kids play with this. I dearly wish I could post some of the photos but I don't think the photo release covers posting on my personal blog. ::snort:: And THIS is one drawback of not scrapping and printing the many great photos of friends aren't included.  

Note the carousel behind the stable and the dinosaur about to get Baby Jesus and the fallen people....earthquakes. Love these kids. 

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Anonymous said...

Sis: WOW! Arielle looks so cute! I know she was just on a run but still...... how far does she run each time? Beautiful smile! God Bless you all! love/prayers - mom t.