Thursday, November 29, 2012

Precious Friendships

I love how this photo shows Stacia and her friend, Elizabeth, helping each other to sing/read the words to Christmas Carols at AWANAS. 

You can't really see well in this photo, but Stacia's pants are BIG. It was discovered upon investigation she was wearing MY exercise pants. She had gathered them up with a ponytail holder at her waist. So cute. My friend, Dawn, commented it looked like she was wearing yoga pants....which she was.  ::grin:: My friendship with Dawn has been an unexpected joy. She "gets" my food journey, she  has been a "nutritarian" for years. She gives me timely advice, shares her wisdom freely and is always supportive; she is also plain fun. Connecting, as we hadn't in the past three years, is God-given grace gift. I love Dawn and Elizabeth. I still need a good photo of Dawn and me. 

Dawn's comment about yoga pants  reminds me of the dumbest song Tim Hawkins ever wrote -  Yoga Pants...

I realize this photo is not in focus (Must teach camera mechanics this week).  I'm determined to capture a photo of these friends before Christina PCSs in a few weeks. {Christina and Lacey are on notice  we'll have to attempt a retake next week! This is important, remember, as the printed blog is my only photo album.}  Christina and Lacey, have meant  much in my life these past few months. They've listened to bits of my "journey," they've supported me when I made the surprising choice not to teach a Bible study this fall, and we've met nearly weekly to break bread together from  Ephesians this fall.  Christina was "my" PWOC Outreach last year and is an AMAZING facilitator. Lacey is this year's PWOC Hospitality and she rocks it! She also turns the very age of our oldest daughter today. God graces me with young friends to teach me much and fill the void created by not being near our older Gherkins. Christina's Bible Study group continued to meet through the summer. In the fall, when PWOC started, she asked if anyone would like to continue meeting in addition to PWOC. I didn't think I could do two studies and continue my personal disciplines at the level I desired....As it developed, this fall I've been loving on pre-schoolers instead of teaching or participating in a study.  It's been a joy! These little guys fill  a spot in my mommy heart as I reconcile with Jared graduating and leaving home - why DO they keep doing that?  In any event, I found myself not participating in an organized study. I've prayed for a "Life Group" for years...friends to simply read the same passages and share  insights with each other...I joined Christina and Lacey. It has helped to meet my need to be "connected" to other ladies, which isn't being met as well as I'd like as I serve  PCOC (Protestant Children of the Chapel).  We aren't exclusive...due to schedules it has become just us three...and that's fine.  It's been a precious time. I love these friends.  I've grown through the insights they've lovingly shared week after week.  {PS I prayed for Christina's assignment to England, but I really don't want her move. I must remember I'm moving too and life doesn't stay the same...but just the same....I'd be happier if we all left at the same time. LOL} These ladies have truly been Jesus with flesh on for me in the past months. 

As I reread this rather sappy post, I see a couple of themes....
  • Friendships are priceless no matter your age
  • God faithfully meets our needs - often through the body - friends

May God grace you with friends who love you enough to openly rebuke when needed, to teach what you need to learn, to support and love and connect....people with which to play and spice up life. He's graced me with several deepening friendships this fall as I deliberately made time in my schedule to breathe...this post introduces you to three of my grace gifts. 

Choosing Joy!
©2012 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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this post makes me PTL that you have these friends. love/prayers to you mom t.