Saturday, May 04, 2013

Holland Award - Go Jamin

Jamin (21 yo son) has been tearing up the track as he runs for Angelo State University.  This week he won the Holland's Award for the men's cross country team. The award is voted on by teammates based on sportsmanship, teamwork, ability and being a conscientious player! What a great award.  

Yes, I do stalk photos of the older Gherkins and have some to share. ::snort:: 
Men's Cross Country Team - Jamin in black vest

ASU 2013 Cross Country Team 

Here are a few shots from the year....We couldn't be prouder of Jamin. He's worked HARD the past two years to train and has participated in both Track and Cross Country. He was a walk on to the team....convinced the coach to give him a shot if he could run a mile in a certain amount of time....he's now running about 5 min miles and has a scholarship. 

I love the fact that his photo hangs in the Applebee's in San Angelo....really LOVE I posted on Facebook when I saw it...."Shame on those of you who thought his photo would be on the Post Office wall." ::snort:: 

We had the joy of WATCHING in REAL TIME as he ran the 10K today in the Lonestar Conference post to follow. 

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Deja said...

Post office wall...hilarious! We love your kids!

Renee said...

Congrats... especially on the scholarship.

Kristine said...

Wow, GO, Jamin! Super pics!

Anonymous said...

We are so proud of Jamin! What determination he has had from his VERY early days........ Way to go Jamin! Way to go Mike/DeEtta! He has been so fortunate to have you 2 (our kids) leading and guiding him. WOW! JAMIN looks so tough and amazing in those pictures. love/prayers - dad/mom and/or 2G's T.