Wednesday, July 03, 2013

ANOTHER Birthday Celebration????

Another birthday celebration? Wasn't her birthday in MAY? Yes. Didn't you take her and her friends to a mountain onsen retreat? Yes. 

Arielle has had four friendships the past four years which I believe will be life-long. Two were from chapel and two were in our neighborhood.  She had stated she'd like to get kimono pictures with Molly and Gracie. She had earlier photos with Alicia and Emily. 

Today...was THE day...and the girls seemed to enjoy themselves. Who wouldn't?  You begin by picking out your favorite Kimono from an upstairs filled with choices in various sizes....

Next you are given your special socks and sandals

You are dressed - just so! 

Your hair is styled - just so! 

 Then the fun of a photo shoot. They were a bit perplexed with Arielle's fingernail polish choices (red, white and blue stripes) and band aids.... The photos turned out GREAT. I have no way to scan them in so will have to do that later.

The girls were full of chatter and it was fun to enjoy lunch with them afterward. I thought they all looked really elegant for the luncheon.

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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Anonymous said...

HI: WOW! Arielle you have grown into such a beautiful young lady! love/prayers - G'Ma T.