Sunday, October 06, 2013


We last saw Hous, Tami and kids eight years ago. We were stationed together at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska. Both families have nine children - both families now have four children at home. It was fun to meet up with them again as they travel to their new assignment at Maxwell with Officer's Christian Fellowship.  We chatted briefly at chapel and then had them over for dinner, ultimate Frisbee, tag, ice cream and lots of talking!! 
Some of us

Richard and Zander opted to eat outside

Our older children have missed having youth to visit with....this was a blessing! Everyone had a great time - though they really didn't remember each other from eight years ago.

Guess what? The Waring girls showed me how to use the timer on my camera! Here's a photo of all twelve of us! Even Yuuki cooperated!
Richard (front) was a baby & I was pregnant with Stacia (front)
last time we were together

Choosing Joy!
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Linda said...

Love the group photo! And how great to find a real Japanese teacher rather than just fumbling along self-teaching with a curriculum! (How's that for commenting on two posts at once? :) )

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Pretty good weekend. LOL

Yes - we are thrilled to have Ryu teaching them rather than trying to self-teach with the computer.

Laura said...

Looks like an absolutely lovely evening. :) How wonderful that you were able to get together again.