Friday, December 06, 2013

A Great Friday

The kids and I went to see Frozen this afternoon. What a great movie! Finally, Disney has gotten it right.

A true act of love is not a swooning kiss and  doesn't often strike like lightening.

Love grows from friendship.

A true act of love is looking out for another's best at cost to yourself, putting others before yourself, SACRIFICE! I can't believe Disney finally came out with a movie that portrays a biblical view of love.

The only drawback was choking on $9.50 for an afternoon matinee. OUCH.
We left the theater and went Christmas shopping for Texan Gherkins. Maybe we'll be ready to leave for TX by 0400 on Tuesday. Maybe.

I dropped the kids off at the house, started pizza, picked up Michael, dropped Arielle off at Matt and Rachel's and then we went out to dinner with Matt and Rachel. It was fun to connect in the midst of this busy season.

It was a full Friday.

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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Laura said...

Will look forward to seeing that movie!