Sunday, November 30, 2014

Decorating? Um....Energy Conservation

Krista and Lindsey headed back to OR today.

Our plan was to go to church and then spend the day decorating our home.

Um....well....Michael is at a spot where we need to conserve energy. He simply doesn't feel good. Today he needed to rest - that's what we did. We have a busy week coming up; there won't be many things we can miss.

Everyone laid around...and I updated the blog.

We went out for lunch.

We went up to the chapel to finish the chapel's Christmas card. I like the way it's turning out.  When we get photos of it all set up - I'll blog more about it and share more photos.
It's coming together...
We came home and received a call from Josiah. We had a deep and meaningful conversation - while we talked the Christmas sprites moved all the decorations to the living room.

We are going to count this as decorating.  Tomorrow - I will decorate, prepare to speak a bit at MTOC and get ready for PWOC.  Tonight - I'm going to go with conserving energy.

Choosing Joy!
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