Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday Breakfast Adventures!

I took so many pictures of this day that I'll write several posts. We had a wonderfully full and fun last day together.

Saturday mornings mean breakfast adventures for Mom and Stacia. We decided if all the girls would like to come, we'd make a girls date of it. If not, we'd skip a week. They all agreed.

I had scouted a new spot to try in Yuba City....Linda's Soda Bar and Grill, and wanted to take Stacia to the Pet Store Michael and I saw earlier in the week. I had in the back of mind to take them by Cupcake Magic and let them choose a bakery item. I did not mention this. We set out.

We liked Linda's Soda Bar and Grill. I loved the atmosphere. We'd chosen a small booth and the waitress had us move to a bigger table.  She was friendly and efficient. Our food was good. I'd like to go back and try some of their specialty items.....maybe a shake too. LOL 
Five of us

Fun to see these faces together

We headed to Gaiser Pets next. Stacia was not happy with the smell - but I told her that indicated she may find some live animals. Sure enough - she loved the cats. They actually seem to serve as a rescue for cats.  They were very friendly cats, reaching out to touch her, rubbing against the cages....
She was NOT enamored with this guy
We found one turtle in the main store area. I waited for them to discover the second one...

We were all amused when this guy made a run for the great outdoors....
Eventually, he made it....and the clerks were on it....
The girls cheer him on
Look what's slung under his arm....back to the far corner of the store he goes
Arielle suggested we go to Cupcake Magic. I love it when they suggest something I've already planned to bless them with.....I bet that will preach. LOL  We walked down a couple of doors and bought some yummies to enjoy during the Duck/Beaver Civil War game. We forgot to eat them. ::snort::  The owner shared her family moved to Yuba City when her father was the Fire Chief at Beale AFB. He retired and they stayed.  I love those kinds of connections with the community.
I'm glad we were able to have these three join our Saturday morning adventure. Stacia and I will have to begin planning a Christmas Saturday Morning Adventure.  We headed home to see what the men had in mind for the day! 
Choosing Joy!
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