Saturday, November 29, 2014

Family Mania

Aside from wondering what Michael's retirement look may look like - this photo is to introduce our next activity! Check out his HANDS.....yes, he is planning geocaching. Lindsey had never tried this - this was the perfect chance to introduce her to this mania fun past time.

Sure...yep....look natural....don't want anyone to guess what you are doing...look natural, I tell you.
As a group, in the rain, on the side of the road.....not sure these were the best hide locations
Ostrum road....I did my best and pointed the pretty camera every time a car came. It's left up to THEM to figure out why we'd be taking family pictures on Ostrum road in the rain.
This fellow was NOT too impressed with our coordinates

Did I say it was raining?  

I'm not sure we won Lindsey over.
These were all micro hides...really tiny. They were all right off a busy road. We looked for three. We found zero. If it wasn't raining, we would have spent more time looking. We were content to head on to base to give Lindsey a tour.

Her father grew up in Gridley and went to Yuba City College. She was interested in Beale AFB.

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

She told me all about her visit. She seemed most impressed and excited about her tour of Beale. It sounds like she enjoyed herslef:)
Bre D