Friday, May 22, 2015

Happy Wanderers are Home!

We're home. We had so much fun traveling in the trailer and exploring options for post-retirement that I'm not 100% happy to be home. ::snort::
F 84

We drove yesterday and spent the night at Edwards AFB. Their fam camp was still full - and stays that way. That's fine. We spent another night in overflow and only had to pay $5.00 - sure beats $200 - $300 for two hotel rooms.  It was COLD and WINDY - but we had fun exploring some planes anyway.

F 111 - Aardvark

Today we drove on home. We'd been warned about all from Southern CA who would be driving north. We totally forgot about that was foggy - dense fog - and raining over the Tehachapi pass. That was a bit tense.

The rest of the day was uneventful until just after Sacramento.

BreAnne called about then. Travel days are great days for talking on the phone, as I don't feel guilty "just sitting." ::grin::

Cost Comparison of 12 Day trip to TX:
Without the Trailer - $5,474.16
Food - 2x a day - $1440
Gas - $734.16 (13 mpg)
Lodging - (2 rooms per night) $3,300.00

Pulling the Trailer - $2,272.93
Food - 1x a day - $770; plus a trip to the grocery store to replenish milk and fruit
Gas - $1321.43 (7.5 mpg)
Lodging - $181.50 (11 nights at RV Parks)

I always budget 5K for our family to travel to TX. We saved a total of $3,201.23. If we'd been driving a diesel RV the trip would have cost $1439.42 - assuming 13 mpg. 

We discovered on this trip Michael and I had a different picture of what "moving into the trailer" looked like. I imagine parking in Crescent City and living for 6 months. He imagines traveling - and staying a week or so when we find a place we want to explore or stopping in on family for a couple weeks at a time.  Very different picture. ::grin::


Laura said...

I sure to love to travel in a camper/RV. And you are right... gas is more (poor mileage) but you make that up and more with lower food and lodging costs. Plus, it is our own 'dirt' and not everyone else's 'dirt' like in a hotel room. :D

Still hoping that perhaps we can meet up somewhere along the way once you are retired and exploring in the RV. :)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

That dirt thing is becoming more of an issue to me. ::snort:: It is also just "easier" not to lug your stuff in and out of hotels and friend's houses.

We'd heard any savings would be eaten up by gas but we have detailed records of both this trip and previous ones so we were able to do the cost comparison pretty clearly for ourselves. LOL We want to travel - we need to do it cheap. This will work. LOL