Monday, July 13, 2015

Five Wins and a Fail

Our science fail from last week needed to be redeemed. We used corn starch today and it worked perfectly to illustrate a non-Newtonian liquid. Win.

Next we explored the freezing point of juice....and made sorbet! We were supposed to shake the bags for 15 minutes, but we decided it was fine to eat at 5 min. I will do this in the future in the ice-cream maker and make sorbet. Win.
A lot of shaking....

We were happy to share with Arielle &
Arielle was happy to have yummy soft food
 Next we talked about gas and how we can't see it, but it fills the space around us. We put a paper in a cup, turned it upside down...
  Submerged the cup in water and the paper stayed in place - and dry.  Win.

This was supposed to be simple - blow a bubble  - watch it expand....but the kids can't blow bubbles. Fail. 
Checking out gas - which turned to liquid when it hit the cold mirror. Win.

Our last experiment took some work! I had checked 3 grocery stores last week and no one had pop rocks. I was going to order them online, but I didn't want a huge box of pop rocks. I asked on Facebook and gas stations were suggested. I check 3 without finding pop rocks. I was even told that  they "weren't allowed in CA." I came home to order them, and several suggested a dollar store. We ran up to Dollar General. The saleswoman told me they didn't carry them, but as I picked up some supplies for another experiment, I spotted them. After dinner, we were finally able to use the pop rocks.  The gas expanded and filled the ballots.

Five wins and one fail....It will be fun to have Michael around for these - I suspect we'll have much fewer fails. ::grin::

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Anonymous said...

science lab days are always so fun. Looks like they're having a good time.