Sunday, August 30, 2015

Our First Night as Full Timers

We assured the Gherkins we will not often be setting up camp after 10 p.m.
I guaranteed all I would NOT make this mistake again. We were met with a strong smell of balsamic vinegar and lemon oil when we opened the door of The Caboose.

I'll have to find a better spot for these to travel.

I expressed my confidence to Michael and the Gherkins that things will feel much better when everything finds a home. For tonight, the priority is beds....which everyone found.

Yuuki was miffed to find her bed crammed in our room, but made the best of the situation.
 As did everyone else


Everyone was in bed by midnight. Tomorrow will be another busy day as we tie up loose ends, see a neurologist, turn over keys, pick up glasses and settle into our new 268 square foot home.

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