Thursday, October 01, 2015

A Day in the Trailerhood

Today was a "down day," or as Stacia says, "A day in the trailerhood. Get it?"

We find about every 7 - 10 days we need a down day. We did have to move our spot for the  night....but we also did laundry, Michael ran errands (hair cut), relaxed, and completed a "mega school day."  (This allows us to have history/science/field trip days for 2 - 3 days a week).

In the relaxing category would be FISHING. Lake Pleasant is a Wildlife Sanctuary. Guests are allowed to fish for big mouth bass, but must release them. It's on private property so no license is needed. Stacia and Michael went fishing in the a.m. and caught TWO fish.  They all went fishing this evening and caught one more. Michael hooked it and Stacia brought it in.

 We finally made it to the Lynnwood Chick Fil A. I believe, and I AM being unbiased, this is the nicest Chick Fil A I've been in. I'd be curious to see if the other two in this region (Bellevue and Tacoma) are the same design. There were many things which I could tell were a nod to the local area.  They made me a VEGAN wrap - wrap minus the chicken and cheese, and added in roasted corn. It was YUMMY. Did you know you can BUY the CFA sauce - 8 oz for under $2? You can at Lynnwood. I hear from a birdie that Kale Super Salads will be out "soon." I seriously wish we lived closer to CFAs so I could EAT there. Before today, I took the kids to ate but didn't eat myself. LOL
Debra, the night manager, saw that Josiah was going to give us a back stage tour and asked if she could do it instead.  She did a good job. It was fun to see the behind the scenes story. I especially loved that they cut and make their own salads and fruit salads....that they filet and bread their own's FRESH and real food.
It was fun to see Josiah settled in his new job at the new restaurant.

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