Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Rainy Saturday on the WA Coast

The kids pulled out their rainy day activities.....and we got a slow start. Many ask how Michael is doing. He's amazing. Some days his hip really bothers him - other days it seems fine and the tremors/tingling and balance issues of Parkinsonism bother him....we've come to expect the day after travel or hiking, will be a late morning. That's o.k. We're not on anyone's time schedule.
I used the time to research things to do in the Westport, Aberdeen, Hoquiam area. This was complicated by the rain. It turns out the Polson museum is NEXT door to the house where Julie and Micah are living. They'd never been to the museum and joined us there. Admission is $4 per person or $10 per family. The museum focal point is the local logging industry. Unlike most museums we've visited the exhibits are not roped off. This is a huge Victorian home where one is allowed to walk in each and every room and get close to the exhibits.

This weekend was the opening for a new exhibit: Sasquatch Revealed. Canadian curator, Chris Murray travels with the exhibit and admits the exhibit is on the "fringe of science." He believes this stuff. He gave us a photo of a Sasquatch which he'd autographed. We've not discussed it; but I know I'm still not convinced.
Micah, Stacia, Alex, Nolan - convinced?
Can you guess what this is?
 Yep - a bike for riding along the train tracks used by workman to get to a spot where repairs were needed.

Stacia was spellbound by the dressing rooms - filled with clothes from the 1900's and the huge doll house - filled with miniature antique furniture. The boys enjoyed the model train set up (of which we neglected to grab a photo) and the variety of tools, household appliances and the like.
In an outside garage is a new locomotive, which the museum is currently restoring. There are also various logging tools in this building. Michael spent quite a bit of time explaining the intricacies of this engine driven saw to Alex.
We left the museum and went to meet Julie's youngest sister Shelly and her husband Lonny. It was nice to see her dad again as well.

Our next stop on this rainy day was Rainer Lanes - bowling. What ELSE do you do if you don't want to go shopping on a rainy day?

Michael wanted this game memorialized.

Julie and I invested the time catching up. We missed you Beth. Maybe another weekend should be planned....I wonder....
We followed up our bowling escapade with a trip to Micah's favorite fast food joint....the Lighthouse Drive-in - quality food with hometown heart! It was a good choice. I was introduced to "fry sauce." Have you ever heard of fry sauce? If so, what part of the country are you in?
Reluctantly, we brought the day to a close.  

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