Friday, October 09, 2015

#WYFF - Starting our HWY 101 Adventure

Our sixth Friday in the Caboose, finds our feet leaving the Mount Saint Helens area and moving onwards to our Hwy 101 adventure.
We are launching our HWY 101 adventure in the shadow of Grays Harbor lighthouse. Literally. This is the view from the front of the Caboose.

Check out what we see from the table.

The spots are wide and spacious and WE are the only campers in the entire campground. We knew it would be rustic. We knew there wouldn't be many other campers here, as there are only 7 tent sites and 5 RV spots, but we are IT.  It's lovely.  This is what we envisioned full-timing to be like. The kids love rampaging through the forest, we can hear the ocean waves and when we go to bed - it's quiet.  Below is what we've often encountered - keeping it real.

Michael and I stopped for a quick view of the Pacific and then ran to grab essential s'more making ingredients at a local store.

It was great fun having one of my sister-friends from college stop by for dinner and a campfire chat.  Yes, the rain let up enough for us to enjoy the campfire.

Julie left.
Kids went to their bunks.

Michael and I sat around the campfire and sipped what we fondly call "adult beverages" - Henry Weinhardt vanilla cream and a root beer. We agreed we're doing o.k. with all the curve balls we've been thrown.
We're enjoying retirement.

We're living fully in the present.

*Note: I am several days behind on capturing "daily happenings" - but writing about BIG things is harder than little things. Expect catch up posts as the rain continues. LOL

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