Thursday, December 10, 2015

Ode to Maria

I believe I met Maria on our very first Sunday at Beale AFB Chapel where she served as an usher. As time went on, we studied together on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings, and I was a volunteer as she headed up our monthly hospitality potlucks. Maria is a gem.

Today, she met us at Fam Camp and we went out for lunch. Maria hurt her knee in basic training - and though she just ran a 5k to show she COULD DO IT - the USAF has decided she needs to be honorably discharged. We know God has good plans for Maria. During her three years in the military she's managed to be promoted to SSgt and earn a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice.  She has many options open to her - and we're excited to see where God moves her..... yes, we plan on keeping in touch.  I have dreams of her buying a cute little trailer and meeting up somewhere down the road at a campground. ::snort::
I do not like "see ya laters" or GOODBYES - because I like to keep all my friends CLOSE....however..... all my friends are scattered and that makes for fun road trip possibilities. 

I was cooking dinner, Michael fell asleep, Stacia was busy in her bunk and Nolan mentioned the lightening outside was pretty. We headed out and enjoyed an amazing light show. It was great to share the moment with him.
Now, dinner is done, the kids are cleaning up and we'll read some Ishtar....and probably watch some Monk.

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