Friday, December 11, 2015

#WYFF - The Adventure of "Normalcy"

I would love life to be all about beach combing, mountain climbing and lighthouse tours - but in this season we are grounded at Beale AFB Fam Camp. Our current life is pretty much what it was when we were assigned here - sort of! 

We are doing school. We occasionally get a visit from friends. We are no longer eye-ball deep in ministry or Air Force suspensions. We are enjoying lots of together time, undistracted ministry to family and making new friends at the Fam Camp. We are dreaming about life on the road in March.

#WYFF is meant to chronicle our adventures - and last week I just didn't do it. Life was so NORMAL. Normal is part of our adventure.

#WYFF - today our feet observed our favorite squadron push cars around the perimeter of Fam Camp. I'm not sure WHY - I'd love to know which squadron this is... I run into them at least once a week while Yuuki and I are walking. They often drop and do crunches in the middle of the road. This is the first time they've pushed trucks around the camp.
Let's go, Let's GO! 

 #WYFF - my feet PLANNED to attend PWOC Page Turners. I read the book and WOW did it speak to me.  I got side-tracked talking to a few folks up at the showers/office and Michael came to find me an hour after I was supposed to be at book club. I was ON TRACK....ready to leave and then  - life took a detour.  I don't regret talking with the people in my path this morning.

#WYFF  - after Michael pulled me from the group - we went to Yuba City to look for a trailer part for a needed repair. Our black tank is having a bit of a problem. Since we were in Yuba City, he suggested buying Papa Murphy's rather than me making homemade pizza. Yes, I've started making homemade again - Friday nights - in the trailer - because it fits our retirement budget better than eating out. LOL

 #WYFF - all of our feet are comfortably propped up as we eat pizza and watch movies in the Fam Camp lounge tonight. It's not a bad day - the adventure of normalcy.  

I'm plugged into the ethernet and I can get online.....which is a good thing indeed. I've wired some money for some Christmas travel. I've paid our bills and transferred funds - things I don't like to do from camp wifi. I've also been able to get online - check out FB, race through twitter, spend some time on Pinterest and update a blog. LOL 

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