Thursday, December 10, 2015

Our Grandblessing is growing!

We are so excited our little girl baby is growing and thriving in our little girl's womb. She's kicking, squirming and stretching.....good stuff.
21 weeks - Litte gal is the size of a cantaloupe

22 weeks - our little Spaghetti Squash weighs a lb!

Bre doesn't like people to rub her belly, but it's going to be powerfully hard for this granna not to hug that baby bump. LOL

We are in the process of planning for the 3 months between Michael's March and May neurology appointments. I have no idea where we'll land, but I can guarantee, to the best of OUR ability, we'll be in the Eugene area for the month of April....maybe May too. LOL 

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Anonymous said...

So glad you will be stateside so you can be at her birth: )
Bre :D