Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Momentous Meeting

Day two of the week of the doctors. ::snort:: BreAnne called and asked if Nolan and Stacia could come with her to the dentist and play with Bella. Bella knows them as they spent the time on our cruise at BreZaak's. Michael went to his appointments. Alex and I stayed at the motor home and continued stowing things away. 

This enabled him to have the first Japanese lesson.....Michael came home. Bre and the kids arrived home. Nolan had his lesson and Michael, Bre, Bella and I went for lunch. 
Oh, my heart....so much cuteness

Bre and Bella are fun lunch dates

Mom G has been staying at Michael's sister's since we left on our cruise. We miss her. We'd not seen her as we have been crazy clearing and cleaning the trailer and moving into the motor home - then the appointments began. Our plan had been to get the trailer and van to a consignment lot before we left on the Thursday to go back to CA.

I checked with her and she said she'd be home all day for the next few days. We thought it would be the perfect opportunity for Bella to meet her Great Grandmother!
BreAnne, Bella and Great Grandma Mary Jean 
As we visited, Mom G asked how Michael's appointments were going. I noted they always want to schedule more.  She mentioned doing something on Saturday and I reminded her we were set to go home after Michael's appointment on Thursday. She said, "We can stay as long as you need us too." I asked about the possibility of staying until after the wedding and that seemed good to her. Rebecca agreed, so we are not going home on Thursday. That's a relief as it's taking longer to get the trailer/van taken care of than we thought (our titles are MIA and we have to send for them from Alaska...) and we are tired. Staying here this extra week will allow the kids to get a solid week of school in, us to "live" in the motor home for a bit of time before it moves again, give Michael time to get some repairs done, bake cookies for the wedding, AND allow us to be here to help CoRielle with anything that comes up. 


Anonymous said...

I love this post! For multiple reasons including that you called Nolan Josiah in writing😜 I'd consider it a compliment if I were him😉
Bre :D

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

What in the world????? It used to be pregnancy brain but we can't blame that. I'll go read and edit. LOL