Thursday, December 08, 2016

An Icy Day in Oregon

It's ICY! And cold! School's are closed - but we had an early therapy appointment. 
Rolled down the window and a sheet of ice remained
Michael left for the shower house. I saw him go around the corner. I followed....and BAM...up popped an odd man intent on visiting. It was still dark outside. Have I mentioned the odd things going on since we got here?  I immediately began calling, "Mike, Michael???" and ignored the conversationalist in the shadows.  One of the doors opened and Michael grabbed me in. He had his phone in hand and said he'd been trying to call me to warn me about the man outside the shower house. ::snort::

Freshly showered and laughing, we realized the appointment was 90 minutes later than we expected. Oops.  The appointment went well. We took extra time asking all over the VA clinic for anyone who may have a list of local doctors who will accept United Healthcare/Military West. We had no success. Later at home, I tried to search United Healthcare West instead of Tri-care, and I found pages of providers. I settled on one with a nice female name. She was a CNM which I thought meant a Nurse Practitioner....and then I realized I had chosen a nurse/midwife. πŸ˜‚ The search continues.

We enjoyed a visit from John and Nadine this afternoon. It's always refreshing to connect with them. John served as Open Bible's Chaplain Endorser during Michael's ministry as an Air Force Chaplain.

Stacia made a few dozen cookies and they turned out GREAT. I made Chicken Divan and it turned out GREAT. I think we've figured out the micro/convection oven. Yay, we will be able to eat in our new motor home. πŸ˜‹(Blogger says this emoji is a face savoring delicious food - just in case it looks like something else to you too.)

Michael has long suggested I blog stories from before the blog began in  2005. He has encouraged me to capture our earlier years. I've meant to do it - but I've been struggling simply to keep current.  I'm excited Michael is going to begin writing and sharing some of our "pre-blog" stories.

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