Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Another Day

Wake up call by a screaming man of some sort at 0445. Odd.

Went to shower and discovered a wide-screen TV had been left under the sink. Also very odd.

THERAPY at 0900 - kids at home doing school with clear instructions for NO ONE to walk alone outside of the RV.

We stopped by my Mom's. She has the cake servers and communion stuff used for all of our weddings. We'll use them for CoRielle. She also had several options for plating cookies - I took photos and sent to Arielle. Mom didn't want to run to Walmart with us, but Lorri did. Lorri and I perfected our crazy cousin routine. We also got the oil changed/filter replaced in Mom G's car, bought a dehumidifier, cut a couple of keys and picked up a few tablecloths.

I may have collapsed and taken a quick nap back at the RV. Watching therapy is exhausting. ::wink::

Michael and the boys worked on the home theater system - mainly trying to hook up wii. It seems the receiver isn't hooked up or something - I don't know. I know the TV plays DVDS and we can hear the anyway, Michael is contemplating what to do with the system.

The men went for haircuts. I suppose Stacia and I should make an appointment and get that done too. While they were gone, we cuddled on the couch and watched Gilmore Girls. Yes, we do want to live Stars Hollow. I actually love living in quirky, small towns.

Cooked another dinner.....Michael is fixing the track for the sliding doors between the bunk room and the master bedroom.

And that's a day.

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