Thursday, December 15, 2016

Celebrating Arielle

Arielle chose a Matron of Honor (BreAnne) and a Maid of Honor (Krista). Bre planned her bridal shower and Krista planned tonight's bachelorette celebration.

We met at Krista's for dinner! She served us homemade yumm bowls. While she was preparing dinner,  Larissa and I made Snowball cookies.


Alicia, Stacia, Bre, Larissa
This sounds cut and dried - but there were "details." Krista had planned a limo ride for us to too view Christmas lights.  The original company she hired for the ride called to say they could not drive into the mountains of South Eugene to view lights with the ice. Later they called to say their garage door was frozen and they couldn't drive the limo that day.  Larissa and Krista are our go-to, get er done, gals. They found another company which had a cancellation, they were given a coupon and arranged it all while they cooked and prepared games for the evening! They rock. We all pitched in to purchase time with Sunshine Limo Service. Our driver was excellent.

We had dinner. We told Arielle we were taking her somewhere special and Krista wanted to blindfold her before we left. This took a GREAT deal of trust as the stairs were icy.
Alicia, Arielle, Me

 We finally got her situated - with blind fold in place. 

Her excitement was PRICELESS! 

Then she was told we were going to go look at CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! 

The first company did not provide snacks so Bre and Alicia brought snacks. 

Gemma and Bella had their first limo ride together

THIS company provided drinks and chocolate - we were well supplied

We didn't make it up to the hills of South Eugene - but the Crescent area has some GORGEOUS lights!

Our ride lasted about 1 1/2 hours, he took us back to Krista's where Larissa had us ready for a few fun games.... The first one was to determine who knew Arielle best.

In the next game we chose our lip color of choice, lathered up, was spun numerous times and attempted to kiss Olaf. 
Good thing Terrah is doing her make up for the wedding

Larissa gave Arielle a cute robe
We had thought we'd be picking Emily up early in the evening, but her plane was delayed. She did make it late into this night - her luggage did not. Alaina was able to join us in time for the movies. We ended the night with more snacks and Disney movies.

This was a great night and it was fun to be invited to join the girls for the fun.  Thanks to Stacia for the loan of her camera for these photos!!!

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