Thursday, December 15, 2016

When the Trip to the Shower House Becomes an Adventure

There is a special thrill to sliding your feet into ice-covered shower shoes! Everyone should try it once or twice. Yes, I did stand outside in pj's and a sweatshirt to grab these photos.

With the advent of a freak cold snap, we learned a lesson about our RV.....if there is any chance the power may go out, the propane furnace needs to be on.....the power went out several times last night as well as the frozen incident when we got home at midnight.  BUT STILL NO SNOW....

So nice of Oregon to celebrate CoRielle's Winter Themed wedding.

Now we're off to a very full's visits, church visit, Bachelorette party, final bridesmaid arriving, Cory's family and WA friends arriving...big day ahead! 

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