Wednesday, December 14, 2016

ICE and Gherkin Fun

In 2011, at a PWOCI Vision Weekend I was given a ballet slipper. This slipper reminded me to "Keep Dancing with God." The challenge was to keep our eyes on our partner (God), to follow His lead, to dance with confidence in places which seemed unsure, and to dance in the rain. I danced through a rather momentous 2011 - earthquakes, tsunamis, career changes.....and I learned if I trust His lead and remain focused on my Dance Partner I can dance.  Somewhere along the way this little charm was Japan....and today it was found...4 years later, in America, in the back of a  van that was in storage in America when the charm was given to me. It is a reminder to continue to trust His lead, to dance in the dark places, to keep my focus on Him.

Michael had two appointments this morning....we stopped in at Mom and Dad's to see what Josiah and Jamin were up to and to pick up some wedding clothes.

We came back to the RV, where Michael spent 3 hours revising the script for CoRielle's wedding ceremony. With the 3 Gherkins in tow, we headed back to Mom and Dads. By this time Josiah had brought JaRissa over too. We all spent the afternoon playing games. This cold and ICY day was perfect for games.

 Somewhere along the line we realized tonight would be our last dinner with Arielle before she is MARRIED - she may not eat after that? I don't know why it seemed significant, but it did. We all went over to the Girl's and I made her favorite dinner - Veggie Pot Pie (one Chicken as a compromise).  While Krista, Larissa and I cooked....Michael, Josiah and Jamin went to retrieve Arielle and drive her car home on the icy roads.

She's always been mostly Arielle's dog! 
Chow line...

We had to start eating before Cory arrived. He was waiting for things to settle down at the airport so he could leave and then it took quite a bit of time for his car to thaw out enough to drive. We missed BreZaak tonight, but understand it's a very busy season for them as they try to finish this semester of their Master's program. OH - reminds me Krista took 2 tests and began research on her final paper of the semester. She has to have that done by Friday.....
JaRissa, Nolan, Michael, Alex, Arielle, Jamin, Krista, Josiah, Stacia
  We four looked at the flower materials Arielle had collected. Larissa is a whiz and is sprucing up bridesmaids bouquets and flowers. Krista had some various pieces from past weddings which were PERFECT for making Arielle's bouquet. Arielle bought the flowers and bows and such for $25 from a lady at Krista's church.  It was good to get an eye on what was there.

Not all bridal suggestions are great ones....and we're not quite sure how this one lone fern will fit into a winter wedding theme. 

The guys continued playing Nintendo....and the girls took the opportunity to do some odds and end shopping we needed done for both the bachelorette party and the wedding.
Nintendo Zombies
Check out the ice on this tree - but no SNOW. 

Michael shared the revised ceremony script with the groom and bride. 

 We were waiting up to hear what happened with Alicia's flights. Alas, she was delayed and then diverted to Portland and will take a bus down to Eugene. Praying Emily makes it in Thursday night with a bit less adventure. It is supposed to be a bit warmer on Thursday.

We got home around mid-night to discover the power went out and our tanks and pipes had frozen. That was a bit more adventure than we wanted to tack on to the end of the day....but all is well now.

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Anonymous said...

what can I say other then so happy you all had an awesome evening. Anxious to see the finished bouquets. actually anxious for the wedding. love/prayers mom t etc.