Wednesday, January 04, 2017


Sixteen months ago we set out on a journey to "chase the sun," "see America," "chase 70 degrees." Stacia has repeatedly bemoaned the fact that she  misses the snow of Japan.  We kept pointing out we did NOT have winter clothes and we didn't want to encounter snow.  They've been predicting snow off and on for the past couple of weeks... we FINALLY woke this a.m. to SNOW.
View from wind shield

We scheduled a move from Krista's driveway to a county park today. She had a SNOW DAY due to the schools being closed. This was GREAT. We got to enjoy the snow with her - and laugh at the sights and sounds of a snow day from her windows.  Lots of skidding and one into the ditch. Krista made us Dutch Babies - we sat and ate and watched the show....

Honey - Ingredient of health - almost seemed like a sign we should eat more honey

These guys were LOVING the weather
Michael went to a men's prayer meeting. I kept doing the jobs we needed to do to move. Arielle called and asked if we were still at Krista's. Cory dropped her off on his way to work. What a great idea! She blew in and said, "Let's go have snow fun."  It was fun to see the kids enjoy their first snow since Japan. 
Stacia was so excited

Nolan seemed to be the target

Planned to take the tree to recycling today - but didn't want to venture out too far

They made a "snow thing." 
 She's really not sleeping. We heard Japanese in the other room and peeked around to see this. 

Arielle had her first ride in the  motorhome as we caravanned across to the county park. Nolan made a snow animal and a castle on our picnic table. 

We're snug, cozy and warm here in our little slice of the Pacific NW. 

I can't wait to walk along the snow river tomorrow...and I have an AIR HORN to sound off if needed. I'll be fine.

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